About Melrose Wholesale Meats

Melrose Wholesale Meats represents the benchmark in the supply of premium quality meat products, customer service and positive growth for the Australian Meat Industry.

The Melrose family name carries seven generations of experience in butchery and meat production.

The Melrose group of companies consists of:

  • Melrose Wholesale Meats - Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Cartoned Products
  • Tasmanian Royal - Premium MSA branded Tasmanian Lamb
  • Royal Chef Selection - Premium Packaged Meats and Smallgoods
  • Crestlake Refrigerated Transport - Specialising in hanging transport with over 30 trucks providing weekly deliveries from as far as Tasmania

"Melrose Meats' aim is provide 100% customer satisfaction and exceed expectations."

- Kerry Melrose, General Manager


 (07) 3902 3777


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Melrose Wholesale Meats:
30 Manton St, Morningside Qld 4170  
Ph (07) 3902 3777 | Fax (07) 3899 6022
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