Melrose Wholesale Meats

Melrose Wholesale Meats is one of Australia's best established and most progressive meat wholesalers.

"Serving the Australian Meat Industry since 1883, and leading market initiatives toward a very bright future."

Today's consumers recognise the importance of food origins in terms of stock management and treatment, use of seroids and growth hormones, residual chemicals and GM food and fodder production, as well as the impact those things have on food quality.

Melrose Wholesale Meats and its subsidirary companies, provides a network of services and quality meat products that are second to none.

Specialising in all species;

  • Beef - Natural fall beef boned to your specifications
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Goat
  • Carton packaged meats

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Latest News

Why Melrose Meats is changing the market and scooping awards with Tasmanian Royal® lamb at the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show...

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  Latest News: THREE GOLD AWARDS at the RQFWS 2014

triple Gold winner RQFWS 2014

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